Fab Book Club Recommendations

Looking for great book club recommendations?  Or Are you a member of a book club ?

Look no further. This website is designed to find you some fantastic reads!

Perhaps you simply love reading? But you don't get the time these days to actually sit down? Perhaps you are just just plain exhausted by the end of the day and you barely read a page before falling asleep?? Does this sound like you?

Well it certainly was me!

Consider joining or starting a book club. For many it's the perfect way to relax amongst like-minded friends to discuss something interesting.

We all live extremely busy lives. Whether you spend your days juggling your job and the kids, or have a demanding job, giving yourself an  excuse to take yourself off for half an hour to read is pure bliss.

Having a mid-week night out where you don't talk about your job or the kids is also a pure tonic and something to really look forward to!

You'll often hear me telling my husband that it is "his turn" to look after the kids as "I simply must finish the book before the next book club meeting" It's amazing how much MORE I've read as a result of having a focus.

The meeting itself should be good fun and involve a good quantity of alcohol to keep the conversation flowing - but you do need some rules for meetings, otherwise you'll all veer well off track

This website is for those of you who want to start your own book club, or for those of you who are in need of some good reading material.

In this website you will find:

  • Tips on how to start your own book club, including how to choose a book that is right for your group (starting a book club)

  • How to run the evening in a fun and lighthearted manner. You'll also find a few mistakes to avoid, like keeping the opinionated friend at home and stopping anyone who suggests reading the entire works of Dickens with a very firm "No Thank You" (rules for meetings)

  • Over 50 fab book club recommendations that we have read and rated - most of which are under 400 pages to fit into our busy lives

  • You'll find summaries, our opinions as well as book club questions to keep your conversation stimulating. This acts as a nice cheat sheet too if you didn't quite finish the book!

  • Our absolute book club favorites - book club recommendations split into best fiction books and non fiction books.

  • Book of the Month - We'll let you know each month what we are reading. You can join in and follow the discussion on line (Book of Month Club)

  • Other Social activities for your book club to keep it fresh and exciting. (activities for girls book clubs)

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This Month's Book - Join Us!

Book of Month Club

Love reading about outrageous injustice and unfairness. Try this one.

Empty Cradles

Learn about new countries cultures. Try

Letters From Burma

Looking for books with a bit more depth for your Book Club? Try

John Steinbeck East of Eden

Establish some fun ground rules for your Book Club:

Rules For Meetings

Make things interesting - Have an annual Award Ceremony

Best Books Awards

Visit a Prison with a difference in South America. You will be amazed what goes on behind closed doors:

Marching Powder

Read a Classic and find out what makes Flaubert's story and writing so legendary:

Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert

Looking for something quirky and funny?

Try The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared