Activities For Girls Book Clubs

Book Club Activities Beyond Discussion

Activities For Girls Book clubs - Get creative and do something different at your next book club!

Sometimes you want more than just discussion at your book club. It's good to keep your meetings varied and interesting. Here you will find a few ideas to keep your book club lively with activities for girls book clubs:

Theatre Night

Keep your eyes peeled for a good play at your local theatres. We read "Death of a Salesman" for example and then went to see it on stage. We were able to discuss the story and compare and contrast the book and the stage play at our next meeting.

We also attended a production of Romeo and Juiliet at an outdoor theatre event and all brought a picnic. It was a lovely evening and didn't feel compelled to discuss it - we just enjoyed the evening.

Movie Night

Instead of reading a book, you could also ask everyone to watch a movie and then come and discuss that instead. Or, you could pick a book (e.g. Empty Cradles) and watch the movie as well before your discussion (Oranges And Sunshine). Or do a quick discussion of the book before you watch the movie together. (This movie is particularly moving but will have your entire book club in tears!!)

Charity Night

It's nice to give back to the community sometimes and give yourself a warm fuzzy feeling. There's loads of things you could do for this:

You can create a fantastic feast of a meal and ask everyone to contribute $15 but give the money to your chosen charity (everyone can also contribute to the cooking of the food)

How about donating a gold coin every time you meet ,and then at the end of the year, delivering the money in person to your local charity. You could help out for a few hours. You could serve soup to the homeless people one night as a team rather than attending your book group. It would certainly be a humbling experience.

Clothes Swap Night

This is one of the great activities for girls book clubs but it only really works if you have people in your book club with similar sizes. Everyone should choose 2 items of clothing in their wardrobe that they no longer wear but is still stylish and in good condition. Everyone then gets to browse the clothes and pick 2 new items to go home with.

You could easily turn this into a charity event, asking everyone to pay a $10 entry fee that evening.

Themed Food Night

Match the food to your book. Reading Lollipop shoes set in Paris, or The Book Thief set in Germany? Enjoy a French or German meal to enhance your night. You could even dress up for the occasion? See Menu For a Bookclub Meeting for more ideas and menu suggestions.

Cocktail Night

Decide that noone should drive and enjoy a few cocktails - you could even have fun learning how to make them, or get one of your husbands to be the butler for the night.

Activities for girls book clubs -a cocktail night either at your home or in a bar!

Change of Venue

If you always host at each others houses then go out one evening, one of those activities for girls book clubs that will seem quite different - Try  a quiet corner of a pub or a restaurant. My advice is to find a restaurant with a round table otherwise your discussion will be difficult.

Fun Games

How about playing a few games one night? Have you played the post it note game where you stick a post it note on your head but can't see what it says on there? You then have to ask a series of questions to work out who you are.

You could choose characters from the book you are reading or characters from books you've read all year, or just famous characters from literature.

Learn a New skill

Everyone in your group will have a skill. Find out what it is and spend half an hour each meeting, for a member of your group to teach everyone their skill.

It could be sewing, using excel, a recipe for great jam, how to do a french plait - who knows!

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