Best Books Award

Best Books Award - Start an annual award ceremony for your book club and vote for your favourites

At the end of every year, our book club holds its inaugural Book Club Christmas Party. It is the highlight of the year!

We pick a small book to read prior to the big night - we all know how chaotic Christmas can be so squeezing in reading can sometimes be a tad difficult. Choices to date have included:

The Snow Goose

A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens

The Uncommon Reader

We always ensure a festive spread, where everyone is asked to bring part of the meal and the cumulative effect is always a delicious spread.

There is usually some stipulation that an item of festive clothing or accessory must be worn (Christmas baubles as ear-rings, flashing badges, antler ears etc or just a piece of tinsle wrapped around yourself)

Then there is the infamous Kris Kringle, where everyone must spend $15 on a gift suitable for anyone in the book club. We all get to choose a gift on the night.

We always discuss the chosen book, but for a much shorter time and generally stick to what people liked or didn't like about the book. Not too deep and meaningful.

The most prestigious part of the night however is our AWARD CEREMONY.

Everyone is asked to think about all the books we have read during the year and then pick their favourites.  (We use a spreadsheet and get someone to collate over email prior to the night)

The most coveted prize is "The Best Book Award" and there is usually a small and often cheesy prize involved. All year, our book clubbers battle it out for the best books award. Who will pick the best book of the year?

But there is more to the ceremony than just one award. Here are the categories for our award ceremony:

  1. Best Book
  2. Worst Book
  3. Best Fiction
  4. Best Non Fiction
  5. Best Author
  6. Best Plot
  7. Most Memorable
  8. Best Discussion
  9. The One You Would Read Again
  10. Best Page Turner
  11. The Book You Liked More Post Discussion
  12. Biggest Book Club Slacker
  13. Best Nibbles
  14. Best Takeaway Food

After Best Book the last two are the prizes everyone wants to win!

We have a rule that hosts can only supply takeaway meals. Our early days of hosting book clubs showed us that the dinner menu can get a bit too competitive with everyone trying to be the next Jamie Oliver or  Donna Hay. It meant that you dreaded hosting book club due to the amount of pre work involved! So now, it's a takeaway.

You can see the list of our Best Books throughout the years here:

Book Club Favorites

This year we added some more fun by asking the group some literary related questions and writing their answers on a piece of paper. It was then the job of one of the group to work out which answer belonged to each of the book clubbers. Examples of the questions included:

If you could be a character from a book, who would you be?

If you could write a novel, what would it be about?

What book do you most associate with reading at school?

Funniest moment at our book club this year?

Overall, this is a very fun night, where we tend to drink too much champagne, buy each other very silly presents, over indulge on the eating front and argue over who really should have won the best books award.

I guarantee adding a similar type of ceremony will encourage interesting banter throughout the year and mean you finish the year full of Christmas cheer.

Best Books Award

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