Best Fiction Books

Best Fiction Books - Find the perfect read for you and your book club. Each book deserves to be on this best of list!

Fiction books tend to be the bulk of what we read in our book club, (although we try really hard to vary the genre and even the type of fiction we read.) Usually we make sure there are local authors (from here in Australia) and ensure that there are not too many pages - we all have busy lives after all!

So here are some for you to choose from:

Fiction Books - The Memory Keepers Daughter

An interesting read that covers some controversial topics, including down syndrome.

The story follows two lives after the separation of twins at birth, as one of them has down syndrome.

The secret and the guilt that follow are palpable.

Plenty to discuss in this book

The Memory Keepers Daughter

 Fiction Books - The Lollipop Shoes

Joanne Harris' sequel to Chocolat.

Follow the lives of Vianne and her 2 daughters through the streets of Montmatre in Paris this time. Will her past catch up with her?

A very girly book that still has plenty of sensuous chocolate scenes and some special magic

Great if you fancy a lighter read.

Lollipop Shoes

Fiction Books - The Snow Goose

A novella that often has The Small Miracle included in the same book.

We chose this for a quick read during the mayhem of Christmas. Beautifully uplifting and full of hope.

The Snow Goose

Fiction Books - Bliss by Peter Carey

A very bizarre story indeed. It will certainly have you hooked, due to its random collection of characters and events.

A book you will like more post discussion, as you try as a group to work out what Peter Carey is trying to do.

Bliss by Peter Carey

A rather uncomfortable read about a mother who dislikes and resents her own children with catastrophic results.

A good book, especially if you have a book club full of mothers. Read it if you dare

Still Waters

Written in 1932 but set way into the future, this books shows us what life could be like if science and technology go too far.

A classic book that deserves all the praise it gets. Quite a full on read but well worth it

For a summary of the plot:

Brave New World Summary

For themes, questions and our comments go to

Brave New World Analysis

A sinister tale about beauty, pleasure, murder, debauchery and hedonism.

There are plenty of meaty themes to discuss in this Oscar Wilde's classic.

Did you know it had to be rewritten due to its hedonistic content?

The Picture of Dorian Gray

and for questions go to

Picture of Dorian Gray Questions

A great easy read about one mans journey to fulfill his destiny.

The story itself is interesting, but it's the underlying meanings and values that makes this book so profound.

Our book club loved trying to work out what it all meant. A must read and worthy feature on the best fiction books list.

The Alchemist Paulo Coelho

This caused one hell of a discussion and debate at our book club meeting!

Whilst this is quite a main stream title and there is now a film, don't let that put you off!

In fact, embrace it! Read the book, watch the movie and then have your discussion or heated debate such as we had!

My Sister's Keeper

This could be described as an intimidating read as it is quite high brow!

But don't let that put you off. It is a tough read but it also made for a good meeting as we all tried to work out what Satre's philosophies on freedom actually were.

The Age Of Reason by Jean Paul Satre

An absolute classic on the best fiction books list and a fab choice for your Christmas Book Club.

It's typically descriptive as you would expect from Dickens but it's a quick read.

For themes and book club questions:

A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens

For a plot:

Summary of Christmas Carol

What a book! A must read for any book lover or Book Club goer. The film is excellent too but nowhere near as powerful as the written word.

For themes, the plot and what our Book Club thought, go to

The Kite Runner Summary

For Book Club Questions go to:

Kite Runner Book Club Questions

A play that has withstood the test of time and is still a quick and funny read. Certainly worthy of appearing on the best fiction books list.

Discuss old and new views on marriage, what a gentleman is in today's society V's the 19th century and much more...

The Importance of Being Earnest

A book that will evoke a variety of emotions including anger, admiration, pain, despair, warmth, a sense of danger & of friendship & laugh out loud humour

The Help Book Review

Recently turned into a blockbuster film, this book won the Man Booker Prize too. Certainly one of the best fiction books we've read.

The story offers extreme contrasts, humour, jaw dropping danger, fantasy & a sense of the ridiculous

The Life Of Pi

Beautifully written and such a simple story. Learn about friendships that last a life time and really enjoy reading this well written novel.

Crossing to Safety

A quirky but well written Australian book with beautiful descriptive passages. A story of two families that end up living together on Cloud Street. A must for any Australian Book Club to read

Cloud Street by Tim Winton

A hard novel but well worth persevering. Find out where the phrase "Catch 22" actually comes from and see war through a completely new perspective.

Catch 22 Review

Lots of descriptions of France and a fair bit of eroticism.

Sparked some interesting debate with our bookclub.

A Sport And A Pastime by James Salter

A big novel! Can your bookclub get through it? If you can dedicate the time to read this epic novel, you won't be disappointed.

Filled with love, treachery, passion and jealousy. No wonder it has recently been made into a film.

Anna Karenina book

Leaving the a harsh world on the Isle of dogs In London, then being shipped to Australia for a petty theft. Can life get any worse?

The Secret River

A must read - a short, page turning novel told from the view point of a 9 year old.

Set in the time of Nazi Germany.

Now so popular, it has been turned into a blockbuster film.

You've got to read this one:

Boy in Striped Pyjamas

Top of Best Fiction Books

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