Book Club Discussion Topics

Book Club Discussion Topics - Find out what themes you should be discussing and how to find book club questions

It is said that you can pick up any book and be guaranteed that one of the following themes will be present. This list is a great tool to help fuel your discussion at your next meeting.

We have a set of book club questions that we use, which we supplement with specific questions relevant only to that particular book. (Every book featured on this site has a list of questions)

We then discuss themes present in the book and use the list that follows as our guide and determine what we consider to be the main themes of the book.

When you look at the list with your group, find themes that are relevant to your book. What examples highlight the themes in your book?

(Most books on this site have our notes on the themes we discussed during our meeting.)

Love/Hate    - a theme in most books. How does it manifest itself in your book?

Envy/jealousy   - usually some interesting outcomes when these are present

Mistrust    - what impact does this have on other characters in the book?

Power  -  Who has it and why?

Evil    - What wickedness has taken place?

Deception - By who and why?

Passion     - Does it come alive for you in the book? Is it vivid?

Rivalry   - Why does it exist?

Nature v nurture   - A timeless debate. Which way does your book lean?

Good/bad   - The stuff pantomimes are made of!

War/peace    - Usually present in historical novels.

Sibling rivalry/friendship      - How does it develop?

Family closeness/ rivalry/jealousy    - Is it a realistic portrayal of family life?

Family Influences - Whom is influencing whom? Why? Family Values?

Expectations - From society? From family values?

Timidity - Who? Nature or Nurture?

Weakness/strength    - How does this manifest itself?

Tyranny   - Who is abusing their position of power?

Duplicity   - Who is being two faced? Why?

Communication/lack of - What are the consequences?

Top of book club discussion topics

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