Book Club Questions

Book Club Questions - A wonderful resource for any book club. Find an array of questions to bring your book club discussion to life.

Whether you are the one organising the Book Club, the host for the evening or just an ordinary member who has read the book and wants to discuss it, then a set of questions will really get the most out of your discussion.

Now I'm not trying to get heavy here. The most important part of our book club is meeting up with friends, having a glass of wine and a chat with like minded individuals.

I hear of many book clubs coming to an abrupt end or just fizzling out, where as ours hasn't. It's been meeting every 6 weeks for the last 5 years. The secret to our success is that we are disciplined and ALWAYS talk about the book for the majority of the evening.

Whilst we allow questions from anyone, we do have a loose format that we follow - our questions. These give us a structure to our evening and ensure we don't wander off track aimlessly.

On this page you will find a links to generic questions for any book split into the genres of fiction, non fiction and autobiographical.

You will also find links to popular books for questions and discussion guides.

Not only that, any book featured on this site has a list of questions on its book page. Just browse the pages and you will find them (about half way down the page.)

If you are studying a typical fiction book then these questions will work a treat. Keep the questions in mind as you read the book, it will help you remember things when it comes to the discussion (particularly if you are planning to have a few glasses of wine)

Questions For A Book Club

If you choose a non fiction book (and I suggest you do) then these questions will serve you better than the ones above

nonfiction book club questions

A bio or autobiography book deserves a different set of questions again. These should be a good starting point for your discussion:

book club autobiography questions

Pick up any book and I guarantee you will find at least one of the themes covered on this page. A great way to enhance  your discussion.

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