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Book Of Month Club

book of month club - Join our on line book club and find out what we are reading this month. A chance to have your say

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Boy In Striped Pyjamas

The Boy In Striped Pyjamas is an awesome book and incredible film. This makes a great book club discussion and is an easy quick read. Find out what our book club discussed

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The Secret River

The Secret River - Sent to Australia from London for a petty crime, find out what life was really like in Sydney Cove

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Anna Karenina Book

the anna karenina book is a Russian Classic. Can your bookclub get through it?

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James Salter - A Sport And A Past Time

A sport and a pastime by James Salter - a wonderfully charming book and a must read for anyone who likes France!

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Philomena Lee - The Lost Son

The lost son of Philomena Lee - a sad true story of a pregnant girl sent to the nuns of the catholic church. Find out what our book club thought of this book

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Catch 22 Review

Catch 22 Review - a fabulous and funny read for your next book club but you'll need to's well worth it though. A very clever anti war novel.

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Cloud Street By Tim Winton

Cloud Street is a book that every Australian or lover of Australia should read. the language is both quirky & well written with an abundance of beautifully descriptive passages.

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Crossing To Safety By Wallace Stegner

crossing to safety - A book to be savoured and enjoyed with beautiful writing. Learn about some lasting friendships, book club questions, what our group thought, themes, characters and more

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The Life Of Pi Book Review

The Life Of Pi Book Review for your book club - discussion guide, review, themes, compare the book with the film

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Artful by Ali Smith

Artful by Ali Smith is certainly a challenging read. Is it right for your Book Club? Find out what we thought about this very differently written book

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The Help Book Review

The Help Book Review - Find out why this book is a great read, perfect for a book club, themes, comments, questions. A book likely to bring mixed emotions - anger & admiration

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Importance of being Earnest Summary - Book of Month April

Fancy reading a classic? What about a play for something totally different?

The Hundred Year Old Man

This month we decided to read The Importance of Being Earnest for our Book Club. It's packed full of great one liners and is a relatively short read.

Find out why this play has stood the test of time and find out why Find out why living a double life has its consequences....

Probably the line I remember the most is "A Handbag!" but I'm looking forward to reading it again.

It was first performed in 1895 at the St James Theatre in London. It only ran for 86 performances due to the court case, concerning Wilde's homosexuality.

According to Wikipedia, Wilde had the father of his lover, Lord Alfred Douglas prosecuted which went to court. The trial unearthed evidence that caused Wilde to drop his charges and led to his own arrest and trial for gross indecency with other men. After two more trials he was convicted and imprisoned for two year's hard labour. Upon his release, he fled to Paris and never returned to England.

This play has since been performed many times and has also been turned into a film (there are three different versions in fact)

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The Importance Of Being Earnest By Oscar Wilde

The Importance Of Being Earnest - Summary, themes and book club questions to spark your conversation

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Kite Runner Book Club Question

Kite Runner Book Club Question - Find a list of questions for these awesome book club book. Links to themes, plot and more too

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This Month's Book - Join Us!

Book of Month Club

Love reading about outrageous injustice and unfairness. Try this one.

Empty Cradles

Learn about new countries cultures. Try

Letters From Burma

Looking for books with a bit more depth for your Book Club? Try

John Steinbeck East of Eden

Establish some fun ground rules for your Book Club:

Rules For Meetings

Make things interesting - Have an annual Award Ceremony

Best Books Awards

Visit a Prison with a difference in South America. You will be amazed what goes on behind closed doors:

Marching Powder

Read a Classic and find out what makes Flaubert's story and writing so legendary:

Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert

Looking for something quirky and funny?

Try The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared