Book Genre List

Book Genre List - Keep your book club varied and dynamic by choosing  different types of books.

It's all too easy to fall into the trap of picking only fiction books. After all, there are so many to choose from. But do yourself a favour, and choose some different types of books to keep your book club exciting.

Whilst there are heaps of genres of books (arts and crafts, travel etc etc) they are not all relevant for a book club. Here is the best book genre list for book clubs:

Fiction - A no brainer.  I recommend 60-70% of your books are fiction. But keep the story and types very different. Find Best Fiction Books here but consider the following types of fiction:

Classics - Every year you should read at least one of these. If you are brave you could make it a classic year and agree to read 5 classics in one year. Make sure they are Interspersed with a few more light hearted novels.

Crime Fiction - Usually more of a mans sort of book, but can be a gripping page turner and a change from the norm

Historical Fiction - A story based on fact can be a great read and spark lots of interesting debate.

Romance - Where would we be without a little bit of escapism and romanticism. Choose wisely. Chick Lit is a great holiday read and usually a wonderful page turner but generally the book club discussion lacks substance and you'll all end up talking about your kids, jobs and husbands- AGAIN.

Science Fiction - Suspend belief and be transformed somewhere very new. Some of the books written in the 40's, 50's and 60's about the future are a fun and interesting read.How accurate were they? A Brave New World instantly springs to mind.

Horror/Thrillers - not something our group has read too much of but could be interesting if you fancy frightening yourself to sleep at night!

Book Genre List Outside of Fiction

Non Fiction - You should aim for 20% of your books to be from non-fiction books:

Biographies - The trick is to find someone that everyone is interested in. The latest Steve Jobs book for example really interested some but others couldn't stand the thought of reading about him (it didn't make the cut for us, plus the number of pages was a bit of a turn off too)

Health Mind And Body - An odd genre for a book club but sometimes a self help topic or spiritual book can be a very different book for your group to consider.

Poetry - Something that tends to remind us all of being at school! Now and again it can be a real joy to add some poetry to your group and we often find our discussions very enlightening as poems are generally open to more interpretation.

We read 3 short Australian poems for our Christmas book Club one year as we were all short of time. It was great discussion.

My Country" by Dorothea MacKellar
"Bell Birds" by Henry Kendall
"Ordinary Australians" by Tug Dumbly (scroll down to find the right poem)

We are even planning to read Julia Guillard's (Australian Prime Minister) kick ass speech on sexual discrimination (given in 2011 to parliament) along side a feminine novel like "How to be a Woman"

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