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Brave New World Analysis - Themes, questions and more to get the most out of this complex but very interesting book.

A book that will challenge your thinking.

A complex and mind boggling subject matter - imagine a world where you don't have any parents or family, you don't ever have to grieve and you can pop a pill to give you a holiday.

All possible through science and technology.....

The Plot/Summary

The plot is intriguing. It deserves a full page all to itself!

For a full synopsis of the plot, see

Brave New World Summary page


Controlling A Society Through Technology

In order to maintain control, this brave new world has manipulated every individual, just so that stability can be maintained.

Basic human liberties have been removed to achieve this. But the majority of the people in this new world have been bred to be too ignorant to question anything that is happening.

Even the Alpha pluses are brainwashed into believing that this world is the best existence ever. Bernard is treated as an outsider because he dares to speak out about  this less than perfect world.

Soma is another classic example of this manipulation and brainwashing to keep the stability.


The book begs the question - what is happiness? Is it living in a peaceful existence, is it never feeling love sick or ever having to suffer grief?

Or, can we only find happiness by experiencing life and all these emotions first?

Commercialisation and living in a consumer society

The view that goods and services fuel the economy and that we all need these goods to be happy and successful is shown to great extent in a Brave New World.

What's perhaps most scary is that we already live in this society!

Book Club Questions?

Are there aspects to the World State that are good? Which?

Individuals experience few highs or lows  in a Brave New World - just a steady existence. Is this a better model to achieve happiness?

Which elements of Huxley's world have already come true?

Is genetic engineering a good thing?

Bernard seems more of a "real human" than the rest of his caste - What evidence is there to support this?

Is Bernard a hypocrite? He seems to enjoy the pleasant aspects of the World State but dislike so much of it too?

Are relationships between men and women different in the World State?

Are there any similarities between A Brave New World and Shakespeare's Tempest?


Our book club found this a tough but rewarding read and gave it 8/10.

There is heaps to discuss in this book - genetic engineering, which parts of this new world we thought were good ideas. 

We even found ourselves embroiled with The Tempest as we tried to find links between the two books (we focused mostly around the taming of savages and the profound use of English across the entire new world)

It's easy to see why this is such a classic. It is a very profound book that will have you worried about technological advances

Hope this Brave New World Analysis helps you have a great book club discussion.

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