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Build Own Website - Do you have a passion? Do you think you could write 30-50 pages about it? I bet you could! Earn Money while you sleep...find out how....

This is me with my family and I'm the writer of this  book club recommendations site.

I love being with my young kids and hate the thought of spending my entire life in the corporate world, working long hours and never seeing them.

That's why I've turned my passions and hobbies into mini businesses.

Once you've set up your website, you can sit back and let the money roll in...!

This is my second venuture and you can check out my other more established site here:

But first, let me answer some of your questions...

How Can I Earn Money On Line From My Hobby?

Once you've written about your passion (I think you need at least 30-50 pages depending on your chosen subject), you need to wait a little while for people to find your wonderful site.

Once they do, you'll start to get approached by businesses wanting to advertise on your site. You can also start to add some google adverts, which means every time someone clicks on them, you get paid.

What Computer Skills Do I Need?

Can you type on a keypad? Can you get yourself onto the internet? Then you can build a website. I stumbled across a site called SBI and they literally have taught me step by step how to build a successful on line business.

I was also worried about being able to write about my passion - But that is all taken care of too, with helpful tips and techniques.

Whilst there are lots of things to do, the SBI site teaches you everything in very small chunks and there is plenty of help if you ever get stuck.

How Much Money Can I Earn?

This is a difficult question to answer, as it depends how many sources of revenue you can dream up and how many people find your site.  I sell  ebooks for example on my travel site, which is an older site so has more traffic (people finding my site)

My aim is to make about $2000 per month on each site and that is very achievable. Some people earn a lot more than this. They generally devote their entire working day to building their site. I do mine on a very part-time basis, when I get a chunk of time, usually when the kids are in bed!

How Do I Get Started?

Firstly, have a look at the Solo Build It website or take a quick video tour if you are short of time. This could be the most important thing you is after all the first day of the rest of your life, where you can choose to plod on as normal or do something totally empowering and work from home.

What are you waiting for? Seize the day and get serious about turning your passion into an on-line business. Build Own Website Now!

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