How To Choose A Book For Book Club

Choose A Book - What to read for your book club discussion is critical. How to pick one that will provoke discussion.

One of the main reason I set up this website is that we found it hard to find books that were suitable for book clubs. There are plenty of books out there and sites telling you what books are good reads, but not necessarily books that will provoke interesting discussions.

Where To Choose A Book

Well, hopefully you will find a book here on this very site - have a good look around and I am sure you will find something. These are all the books we have read and would recommend for a book club.

Most libraries or independent book shops have "staff choices" Read the descriptions and ask the member of staff whether they think it is a book suitable for a book club.

There are other websites too - Amazon has reviews of all its books and you can search under best sellers or by a specific author if you have an idea of something you would like to read.

There are also infamous book clubs like Oprah Winfreys book club (She has a top 10 all time favourites and the majority are worth reading)

In the UK, Richard and Judy (Morning TV presenters) started their own book club and they have a list of popular (more mainstream) books to read too.

Or pick a book that you have already read and loved. But before you decide to choose this book, consider whether it is just a lovely story or whether there are some meaty topics that will form a great discussion.

Agreeing As A Group Which Books To Read

We've tried a variety of ways to choose a book and decide what to read.

The first few years, we said that everyone should get to choose a book and we took it in turns to choose one. We started off with a rule that you had to have read the book first - to almost vet whether the book was suitable for book club. Without the rule, we ended up at first with some rather awful books.

Since then, we've changed things slightly. At the beginning of the year everyone comes to the meeting with a book they would like to read and gives a brief synopsis of the book. We then together agree which 3 we would most like to read. The rest of the books go on a waiting list and website links to each book are sent out for everyone to review.

We have found that picking books at meetings doesn't always work. You can sometimes end up picking a book because someone is particularly passionate about it and noone feels they can say no. One way to stop this happening is to take a vote off line where only one person (usually the secretary) coordinates the votes and ranks the books in order of acceptance by the group.

If you are really struggling to decide you can put all your books in a hat and pick one out at then end of each meeting.

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