Leading A Book Club Discussion

Leading a book club discussion - a skill in itself!

Most book clubs are groups of friends or colleagues. In most circumstances, as long as you follow some book club questions your group should be able to easily navigate yourself through a book club discussion without much intervention.

Some book clubs choose to have a chair person at the meeting, someone to be in charge of leading a book club discussion. There are pros and cons of this and there are a variety of people who could do this - the person who chose the book, the host or even a librarian or English teacher that might volunteer their services free of charge or your group can pay them. For more information as to whether this is right for your particular group go to how to chair a meeting.

If you decide to do it yourself and just let the conversation flow, then here are a few tips to keep the conversation flowing:

Have some sort of structure to your book club discussion.

We usually start with everyone giving a score out of 10 and describing in a few words or sentences about the book - all done on a small piece of paper to keep this part of the discussion short and succinct.

Then we move onto a set of book club questions. You will also find that every book page on this site has some question ideas for that particular book.

Bring The Conversation Back to The Book

It's easy to go off at a tangent. It may spark a discussion about something not totally related to the book. Before you go too far down that track, pull the conversation back to the book. Ask the group a question that is more relavent to the book itself.

Include Everyone

There are always those that are more talkative than others. Try to include the quieter ones in the discussion. It's a skill though as you don't want to put them on the spot or embarrass them either!

Have the Internet Handy

We often have questions that we would like answered - something we would like to know about the author, more information about a particular historic event etc. It is great to be able to do a quick search on line there and then rather than after the event when nobody is as interested.

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