Menu For A Bookclub Meeting

Menu For A Bookclub Meeting - Don't slave over the stove! Pick something delicious but easy so you can enjoy the discussion

As per the advice I have given already on this website, it's preferable not to cook for book club - it turns into a competition between book clubbers as to who can cook the best meal. This makes the evening stressful for the host.

But, if you all promise to keep it simple then it can certainly work. We cook at our Christmas meeting for our best books award for example.

Advice is to keep it simple - you don't want to be worrying about the food and you want to be able to enjoy the discussion. So, a one pot dish is usually the best.

Better still, your group could all chip in for a slow cooker. You can then make the dish in the morning (before work) leave it all day to cook and then it's done in time for your book club meeting - no hassles.

Another idea is to go all out - pick a meal that is in keeping with the book you are reading - French, German, Australian, Historic. Scroll down for themed meal ideas.

 One Pot Recipes/Easy Dishes

Here are some ideas and links for recipes for bookclubs.

  1. Chille Con Carne - a classic and you can jazz it up by offering your guests a choice of toppings to add like sour cream, cheese, spring onions, salsa and corn chips

  2. Thai Green Curry - a crowd pleaser. Just don't make it too hot

  3. Lasagne - easy to make ahead

  4. Beef Stroganoff - easy and very tasty

  5. Chicken Korma -serve with warm nan breads

  6. Cold Meats And Salad  - good on a hot day and you can even get your guests to all bring a salad so it's less work. Just go to your local deli and get a few different meats - salami, parma ham, beef, smoked chicken. A simple green salad, nice bread and a potato salad would be good

  7. Sausage Sizzle (simple BBQ) - delicious, slightly more "hands on" on the actual night but not too stressful. All you need is some good quality sausages or even home-made burgers with salad and cheese items that your guests can add themselves

  8. Minestrone Soup with crusty bread - easy to make ahead. Good on a cold night

  9. Lamb Tagine - lovely fragrances, serve with flat bread and hommous

  10. Chicken Chasseur - make ahead, would be good in a slow cooker.

Themed Menu For A Bookclub Meeting

A fun way to turn your evening into something very memorable - a menu for a bookclub meeting with a theme that matches your book. Here are some ideas but let your imagination run wild:

The English Classics Menu

For a typical English meal try one of the following fairly easy options:

Lancashire Hot Pot - a good one pot dish that is hearty and warming

Cottage or Shepherds Pie - meat with a potato topping (lamb or beef depending on whether you pick cottage or shepherds)

Bangers and Mash - Good quality sausages with mashed potato

Fish and Chips - hardly something Jane Austen would be eating but it is typically British and keeps the evening easy if you can find it in your local takeaway collection!

A French Love Affair

There seems to be a fair few books set in France or the lovely Paris. Here are some ideas for easy menus

Coq au Vin

French Onion Soup

Quiche Lorraine and Salad

Beef Bourgignon

French Cassoulet

or just go for a French dessert - you can buy some fruit tarts, eclairs, vanilla slices or make your own crepes with ice-cream, jam, nutella or a squeeze of lemon or orange and a little sugar. (You could make savoury ones too with ham and cheese)

German Gems

We have read many books that involve Germany, usually to do with Nazism.

Why not have a German themed night with German Sausage and Sauerkraut. These days you can buy Germany type sausages in most supermarkets. Some are already cooked, which means all you have to do is heat them up. Sauerkraut can be made ahead too.

Asian Delights Menu For a Bookclub Meeting:

Make it easy and get an asian takeaway meal. You could buy fortune cookies from an asian supermarket to add a special note to your evening.

Or go for Japanese Sushi - or have a go at making some yourself. Just make sure you buy good quality fresh fish so you don't give anyone food poisoning!

Or make one of these easy recipes

Thai Curry

Chinese Crockpot

Vietnamese Cherry Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Top of menu for a bookclub meeting

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