Non Fiction Books

Non Fiction Books - Find Something A Bit Different To Read For Your Book Club!

One of the key reasons most people join a book club is to read something a bit different to what they would usually choose themselves.

Picking different book genres is therefore a critical step in keeping your book club recommendations interesting and varied.

Below you will find our favourite non-fiction books. Some are autobiographies and others are compelling true stories. All of the books below have sparked an interesting discussion and debate:

A harrowing true story that will have you asking "How the hell did this go on for so long?"

Find out why thousands of innocent children were sent from the UK to Australia as late as the 1960's (!) for a "better life"

What happened to them when they were there? How did one social worker in the UK uncover the story and try to reunite these families?

Will she be able to bring the powers that be to account?

Empty Cradles

Non Fiction - Defying Hitler

Get a totally different perspective on Nazi Germany.

Imagine what it would be like to be a German journalist and be totally against the Nazi Regime. How would you survive?

This book gives an account by Sebastian Haffner as to the psychology of why the German people found themselves at the healm of a dicactor.

It then goes on to explain life as ordinary Germans during the regime. A very interesting and informative read.

Defying Hitler by Sebastian Haffner

Non Fiction Books - Letters From Burma

An amazing woman who defies the current political party in Burma and finds herself under house arrest.

She tells her story over the period of one year. During that year we get to understand her passion for Burma, the many festivals and events  and the political goings on in her country.

You'll feel educated about life in Burma and enjoy the writing in these informative and interesting letters.

Letters from Burma

Non Fiction - Marching Powder

You honestly won't believe the goings on inside this Bolivian prison.

Prisoners have to buy their own cells, drugs are made inside the prison and children even live here too.

The story focuses on McFadden, a convicted British drug smuggler living inside the prison.

He meets Rusty Young (the author) when McFadden conducts guided tours of the prison for the travelling backpackers - yes even that's allowed in this prison.

Marching Powder

Non Fiction - Widow Clicquot

If you've ever fancied learning more about the champagne process or the history behind the infamous Veuve Clicquot Champagne, then this book is definitely for you

This non fiction book tells the story of the Widow Clicquot, the woman behind the successful champagne empire.

Veuve Clicquot Business Woman

Learn about the real muslim women living behind their veils.

Geraldine Brooks takes us on a journey across the Middle East where she meets and recounts the stories of many muslim women.

A chance to re-evaluate your stereotype of these women and educate yourself.

Whilst depressing and shocking at times, it's still a great read and one that provokes some interesting discussion

Nine Parts Of Desire

A very thought provoking book that could be described as a self help book.

Viktor Frankl survived life in Auschwitz concentration camp. How did he survive when others didn't? Was it pure look or something more meaningful?

Mans Search For Meaning

Ever wanted to know more about the US President?

This autobiography is set before he came into politics.

Dreams From My Father

Another deeply moving true story about an Irish girl having to give up her son to the nuns and the catholic church.

Follow Michael's story as he tries to find his real mother

The lost son of Philomena Lee

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