Nonfiction Book Club Questions

Nonfiction book club questions - Add these questions to your standard book club list

We have a standard set of questions that we use for most of our book club discussions - you can find them at questions for a book club.

You'll quickly work out that you need a wide variety of books to keep the interest level high, stopping people from dropping out. As such, a wide variety of books is a must. Mixing some non-fiction books with your classic literature and fiction books is a good tip. There are so many great non-fiction works out there - from biographies to the more historic. You are sure to find something that will please your crowd.

Then you'll find that the standard book club questions don't quite work. Whilst you can shoe horn the book into the questions, it makes for a slighted stunted discussion.

Instead, ask some new questions that are more appropriate. Below you will find some ideas that might fuel more questions.

Non-fiction Book Club Questions

How credible is the author's account? Why or Why not

Has the topic been dealt with objectively or is the author's point of view clear? Does this impact the quality of the book?

Has the book made you want to learn more about a specific topic? What? Why?

What have you learnt by reading this book?

Will you do anything or think differently having read this book?

Was the author able to describe facts in an engaging manner?

Was this book well written?

Has it made you want to research or read more about this topic?

Does the topic covered in this book remind you of anything else that is happening in the world right now? How are they similar?

Nonfiction Book Club Questions

Book Club Questions

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