Oprah Winfrey Book Club

Oprah Winfrey Book Club - Find out Oprah's Top 10 books of all time, from her infamous Book Club. We'll tell you if they are worth reading?

Love her or hate her, Oprah has done a great job in getting the world to read again. The Association of American Publishing  even awarded her their most prestigious award (2003) and why wouldn't they - she pretty much single handedly rejuvenated the publishing world.

Her book club launched in 1996. Viewers were encouraged to read the book and then watch the interviews and in depth discussions with the author on TV. It was a huge success. In 2003, The Oprah Winfrey Book Club relaunched, with viewers being encouraged to join her on line book club for Q&A's and discussion guides.

Any book chosen by Oprah, pretty much hit the best sellers list within a matter of weeks. The publishing world scrambled to have their books featured on Oprah's Book Club!

Out of all the books featured on her book club, the below are her top 15, and seem to be universally loved by the 2 million people who joined her on line book club. This could be one of the better book club reading lists, if you are starting a book club and looking for some instant inspiration:

We've started reading these, but haven't got through them all yet.....

Winner of "Best Book" in 2012 for our Best Books Award Night, this is an extremely well written novel with a gripping story. Set in America, there are some fantastic characters and plenty of themes to discuss

John Steinbeck East of Eden

A story about 4 individuals living in a corrupt India. You'll learn so much about India, and the twists and turns of this plot will keep you guessing and wondering whatever can happen next to these poor individuals....An Amazing read

A fine balance Rohinton Mistry

A self help type of book that aims  to bring about a shift in consciousness. He talks about several techniques, of letting go of your baggage and enjoying living right now.

The story of James Frey's alcoholism and journey through rehab. There is much controversy over this book - is it really true? Some critiques don't think so, but the author, James, stands by his book.

What do you think?

The Oprah Winfrey Book Club seems to like self help books. This is another book that promises to help you find your hidden depths. By doing so, you can release the power that is inside you.

A story about a young girl who tries to hide her Tourettes Syndrome. She becomes an outcast of society but finally finds happiness and salvation through music.

A Romantic novel about Florentino, who is rejected at a young age by the love of his life, Fermina. He spends his life having affairs to try to mend his broken heart.

Brilliantly written.

The true story of Wiesel's life in a Nazi concentration camp with his father, as a teenage boy. Harrowing and enlightening.

The story of a young black girl who has an inferiority complex about her skin and eyes. Another controversial book, due to some of the themes including incest and racism.

Another favourite from The Oprah Winfrey Book Club

A heart felt story that takes a look at slavery, from various different perspectives.

Now a whole TV mini series, this book tells of village life, love and battles in 12th Century England.

The story of a family of missionaries who go from Giorgia in the US, to live in Africa in the Belgian Congo in 1959. The story is told from the point of view of the wife and her 4 daughters. Life is very different...

The rest of civilisation has been wiped out by an unspecified event and a father and son partnership try to survive. They have few possessions and need to escape the harsh winter conditions. Will they both make it?

This story is the re-telling of Hamlet in rural Wisconsin.

The story is about a mute boy who returns home, convinced that his Uncle murdered his father.

A seemingly perfect family have their lives ripped apart when the daughter is raped by an upper class man at her prom.

The story tells of how this one incident impacts their entire family and brings about their demise.

Top of Oprah Winfrey Book Club

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