Starting A  Book Club

Starting A Book Club - What are you waiting for! Heaps of tips and tricks to ensure you get it right!

So, you are thinking about starting a book club - Fantastic! You won't regret it. You are guaranteed a great night out that will stimulate your brain and encourage you to read more.

Here are a few things to think about:

Once you've got a few people (see how at the bottom of this page), you'll need to choose a book

Then decide where and how often you will meet. We recommend meeting at each others homes every 4 to 6 weeks.

Then you'll need to think about how you structure and run your meetings.You may even consider having a chair person to help guide the discussion

You should definitely have rules for meetings too to ensure it is an enjoyable experience.

Below you will find some more helpful hints and tips. Read these pages before you think about starting a Book Club.

Find out the best way to choose a book that is right for your Book Club

Establish some rules early on to make sure your book club runs smoothly

Rules for meetings

Fancy holding a Christmas party and an award ceremony of your favourite books? Find out how

Best Books Award

Fancy doing something as well as discussing the book? Have a look at these activities and ideas to spruce up your next meeting

activities for girls book clubs

How will you run your meeting - What's the right venue, food? The right flow for the evening?

How to run a meeting

Some further tips on running your book club meeting - setting dates, food, flexibility

Tips for effective meetings

Some thoughts on how you should discuss your book.

Leading a book club discussion

Should you have a chairperson to guide your discussion? If so, who should you pick?

How to chair a meeting

If you fancy cooking up a storm, then here are some simple menu ideas that won't have you slaving over the stove and missing the discussion

menu for a book club meeting

A few other things to consider:


How many people should be in your book club? We recommend about 8 to 10 people. It's unlikely that everyone will show up, but you've got a good chance of at least 4 people coming (the minimum we think you can still have a meaningful discussion.)

If everyone does turn up, it's still a manageable number that will allow everyone to have their say.

Where To Find Book Clubbers?

Well, the obvious place to look is to ask your friends or colleagues you like at work. Try to pick friends that live close by if you intend to take it in turns to host at each others houses - otherwise the commute will drive everyone insane.

If you struggle to get the numbers, you could advertise in your local newsagents or corner shop.

If that fails then try to join an existing book club. The best places to try are libraries and independent book shops. They usually have their own book clubs or will know someone local who does.

Appoint A Secretary

I know this seems a little formal, but there is still a fair bit of admin involved when it comes to running a book club.  You'll need to agree dates, remind everyone of those dates, what the next book is and where it will be held. You can rotate the job every year or every 6 months so no one gets saddled with it forever!

Top of Starting A Book Club 

Fab Book Club Recommendations

This Month's Book - Join Us!

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Establish some fun ground rules for your Book Club:

Rules For Meetings

Make things interesting - Have an annual Award Ceremony

Best Books Awards

Visit a Prison with a difference in South America. You will be amazed what goes on behind closed doors:

Marching Powder

Read a Classic and find out what makes Flaubert's story and writing so legendary:

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Looking for something quirky and funny?

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